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Favorite ThisEngine-Earz Experiment (Never Say Die Records) EXCLUSIVE + Interview

Published: January 18, 2013
Live UK dubstep act Engine-Earz Experiment will release their much-anticipated new single “Rogue Status” on February 25 via Never Say Die Records, one of the biggest bass labels in the world, co-founded by Tommy Dash a.k.a. SKisM, and known for blowing up acts like Zomboy and Dodge & Fuski. The blistering track features Orifice Vulgatron from electronic hip-hop heroes Foreign Beggars, and comes with remixes from BAR9 and xKore. Today, has the supreme pleasure of debuting the PYRAMID remix of “Shadow People,” a favorite from their live shows, and the bonus track heading out with the single.

PYRAMID, the duo of Inchie and Ken Mac, are known for their West London breaks asthetic, taking frontman Data's vox and giving them a midtempo makeover. It's every bit as funky as a  "Shadow People" rerub should be, and it's yours for FREE by giving the Engine-Earz page a Like on the ol' Facebook.

But that's not all, scroll down to read an interview with Prash Mistry, the founder of Engine-Earz Experiment, as he breaks down everything from DJ Shadow to doing it live.



In an age of button-pushers and pre-recorded sets, what does it mean to be a truly "live" dubstep act?

I guess it's that element of improvisation with live musicians that makes it so much fun - being able to switch things up and react with our audience on the spot is the essence of live music to me... personally I love the challenge of mixing up influences from different cultures and genres with rank beats and bass. As much as I love djing, there really is no feeling like playing live with a band of kickass performers. I presume a bunch of the artists dropping the pre-recorded sets do so not because they can't perform live, but because they want to timecode the huge-scale visual productions that go with their sets. We get around this by keeping all our visuals and lighting live as well - it's much more open to the unexpected happening, but thats what live is all about, right?

What a huge honor to be asked to remix a DJ Shadow track, let alone one featuring Little Dragon. When it comes to remixes, do you let the rest of the band in on the action, or do you take on these projects on as your own solo experiments, keeping at least a part of your creative work separate from the act?

Yeah, it's not everyday you check your e-mail and have a message from DJ Shadow!! His production has always been a huge influence on us, so it was unreal that we got to tour live with him as well. When it comes to remixes or production in general, I like as much input as possible from the other band members - although they do tend to pass out way before me! Technically I do the bulk of sound design, but the vibe wouldn't be what it is without the rest of the fam.

You brought Foreign Beggars on for "Hydro Riddim;" Orifice Vulgatron also did "Rogue Status." Is Vulgatron just built to spit over dubstep and drumstep? What is it about his flow that just fits with what you do?

The "Hydro Riddim" performance for BBC Radio 1 was actually part of our first ever live gig and they really stepped up to represent. We've been looking forward to collaborating on an official release for awhile now. Pavan and I used to be in a band together a long time ago and I've been a fan of Foreign Beggars for years. They're seasoned pros. I think Pavan fits so well over this music because he's got the same (if not more!) fire and energy as the instrumentals - not many MCs can match that level of hype. What I love about his vocals on "Rogue Status" is the mix of dubstep energy but with the type of revolutionary lyrics that made me a fan of Foreign Beggars back in the day.  He smashed it.

Stepping out with Never Say Die Records is huge--they are one of the best heavy bass labels putting out music today. What does it mean to work with a label who knows the scene so well, and has a roster that includes Zomboy, Dodge & Fuski, and SKisM, among others?

It's a real honour, in my opinion.  Everything they've put out has been influential on the way the scene has moved forward. SKisM is hands-down one of my favourite producers as well. It feels great to be working on a conceptual release like "Rogue Status" with them, their team has really worked with us to help stay true to our artistic direction from the beginning. The remix package is immense as well!

What can you spill about the new album--fans have already heard rumors of Aloe Blacc and Flux Pavilion up in the mix?

Well, I can't say too much yet...But it feels right, man. What I can say though is it's called Symbol and brings together some of our favourite artists into one story. It's been a real journey putting it together but we're so excited to share it with everyone.

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