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Favorite Thisemjulate is the latest VALE find to 'Tinker' with your synapses

Published: July 27, 2022

By: Anand Harsh

emjulatePeople often ask me, “With a schedule as busy as yours, how do you keep up with all the new music?” And while I lie and try to impress people with my dedication to scouring SoundCloud for the latest and greatest because I live and die for this scene and blah blah blah—the truth is the fine folks at VALE just send me what's next so I can sound competent in conversations about experimental electronic music.

Their latest find comes courtesy of Slovenian artist emjulate. The project is the halftime and drum & bass alter ego of FLO, which is pristine, tasteful 140, so it comes as no surprise that this side project is just as tasteful.

The four-track EP Pestilence features really rich tapestries of minimal atmospherics layered over meticulous drum work. Where a lot of halftime artists can fall into the trap of getting far too cute with overly complex diversions, the elegance here is in the simplicity.

Today we premiere “Tinker,” the EP's closer and my favorite of the selections (which are all phenomenal). It's got these switches from halftime into a more straightforward wub section and back again which are the kind of juxtapositions that elicit moans and groans of pleasure from our type of people. And probably more than a few "fuck off"s.

The EP is out August 4th on Audius and BandCamp, and hits the broader DSP market on August 12thPre-order it now.

Tags: Drum and Bass