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Favorite ThisEllie Goulding: Anything Could Happen (Flinch Remix)

Published: February 26, 2013
By: Jacob Pace

Flinch is back and he's servin’ tha crowd up with some genre bending chill-dubstep goodness. The young and talented producer recently got his hands on Ellie Goulding's smash hitting original "Anything Could Happen" and put his own electro twist on it. The track features some massively heavy and disorienting drops, sharply contrasting with the bass anthems of the track, and it’s a tune that gets more enjoyable with every play. His heavy focus on the vocal chopping of Ellie’s voice as well as his altered style of melodic drops is truly what impresses me. Great vocals, unique synths and lots of bass make Flinch's remix a must buy, so pick your copy up today!

Tags: DubstepElectro