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Favorite ThisEliot Lipp: Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake Review

Published: May 23, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Pretty Lights Music sets an incredible standard for the artists on its roster. This standard not only involves releasing all their music for free, but also sets a high bar in terms of quality and expects them to release tunes that are nothing short of perfect. This trend continues, as the PLM family run by musical mastermind Derek Vincent Smith welcomes the newest member to its powerful team of remarkably talented producers.

Eliot Lipp is no stranger to his respective scene. He has spent almost a decade touring relentlessly and releasing incredible tunes that effortlessly combine a vicious hip-hop mentality with dance worthy 80’s beats that flawlessly cross the threshold for what types of sounds should be meshed into one. His unique soundscapes contain a groovy inner filling to them, which are surrounded by a glitched out, energetic exterior that will have audiences just waiting to take a bite. This can be heard on mesmerizing cuts like the ones off his Peace Love Weed 3D record, and on a recent remix of “Niggas in Paris” by Jay and Yeezy that contains massive live drums throughout.

On his Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake album, we witness Lipp stepping up his game on a release full of ubiquitous instrumentations that are sure to excite any listener.

Opening up the release is “Alive,” which is a harmonious track filled to the brim with head bobbing synth lines that are just waiting to be released on a rowdy audience looking to dance the night away. This release shows Lipp pushing it to the limit on every track, and is going to help him gain even more respect and admiration.

“The Sunset” is an effervescent track that quickly proves why he deserves to be apart of PLM, while “Sneakin’ (Baby Part 1) is a soulful track that contains tantalizing vocal samples and an armada of funky bass lines that pave their way throughout.

“Gettin’ Money” features production by fellow PLM artist Michal Menert, and is a contagious song that features thrilling vocal samples and mesmerizing synth lines that fade in and out as the song progresses.

“The Rabbit” is slowed down track that seems perfectly fitting to zone out with on a cold rainy day, while “The Time is Right” is a captivating cut that perfectly captures the essence of what Eliot Lipp is trying to achieve with this impressive release.

Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake is a potent CD that not only shows a new and improved side to Lipp’s production, but proves how diverse of a sound he is able to create.

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