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Favorite ThisEliot Lipp – GoldenEye Remix

Published: August 22, 2010


If your childhood was anything like mine, you wasted hundreds of precious hours lying on the floor in your buddy’s living room, t-shirt covered in Cheetos dust smears, staring slack-jawed at the bottom right quadrant of a 27-inch Panasonic TV.  On the screen, a low-res D5K Deutsche bobs up and down, slightly left and right as you maneuver through the blocky hallways of some drab gulag.  You turn a corner and, without warning, a flash of red light consumes your quarter of the screen.  Your friends chuckle softly without breaking eye contact with the screen.  You’re dead.

GoldenEye 007, the Nintendo 64 first-person shooter that captured the imagination of lazy youth everywhere, put the world of MI-6’s super agent James Bond at your fingertips.  Granted, it was a 64-bit world of geometric shapes and odd angles, but it was a hell of a time, nonetheless.  Unless someone was Oddjob.  That’s just cheating.  You had to crouch to shoot at him—completely unfair.

Brooklyn-based producer and DJ Eliot Lipp is just as fascinated with the violent video game of yesteryear, releasing his own remix of GoldenEye’s furious soundtrack.  The dull, syncopated thud of the flat bass, the eerie metallic stairway clangs, and the Mike Myers-esque synth tinkles make my thumb ache, conjuring a Pavlovian response to rub the concentric circle imprint left by that blasted trident controller.  Hopefully, the inventive and alluring club track from Lipp finds its way onto the new and improved GoldenEye 007 soundtrack, slated for release in November for the Nintendo Wii.

Listen to the track here on The Untz, and click here to listen to The Untz Podcast with Eliot Lipp.

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