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Favorite ThisElfkowitz: The Little Guy Review

Published: May 6, 2013
By: Ellie Salrin

Elfkowitz effectively advances his style with his new release The Little Guy, mastering the three G’s – groovy, glitchy, and grindy. The smashing seven-track production features fantastic sounds amid profoundly deep bass.

Ian Lefkowitz exhibits impressive synthesizer use and sexy fluid melodies. “Wake Up” goes from catchy with a female voice sample, to downright gangster with a crushing bass line. “The Funk” is one of those ear-shaking tunes you want to blast in your car with the windows down. Each song electrifies the ear drums – The Little Guy is definitely all killer, no filler.

While some artists with such a heavy dubstep style can get sloppy, Elfkowitz’s tracks are rhythmic and precise, with the perfect amount of grimy, high-energy bass. Get your copy of The Little Guy, recently released on Additech Records. Also, be sure to check him out this summer if you’re attending Wakarusa or Electric Daisy Carnival (Chicago).

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