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Favorite ThisElfkowitz & Mimi Page: Shadowdancing Review

Published: October 8, 2011

by Gracie Roberts

ShadowdancingLate last month, Daly City Records released Shadowdancing, a 4-track collaborative package from Elfkowitz (a.k.a. Ian Lefkowitz) and Mimi Page. These artists, hailing from Detroit and Los Angeles, respectively, have banded together to create an improbable union with their unique approaches to contemporary EDM. Elfkowitz combines his psychedelic, bass-filled glitch beats with Page’s delicate, ethereal vocals to produce a collection of sounds that is somewhat mournful yet delightful to experience. Together, the two gifted minds embrace the more delicate, feminine side of electronic sound.

Shadowdancing opens with “Nothing At All”, a track that spotlights Mimi Page’s angelic vocals; sonically the cut moves like a lullaby. Behind her vocals lies a subtle dub beat scattered with hints of glitch. Although the two styles counterbalance one another other, each artist’s signature sounds remain well focused.

“Pretty Boxes” merges hefty, pounding bass with vocals so dreamy they sound divine. Page’s indistinct lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing. Relaxing and soothing, the piece flutters along, enchanting and invigorating the mind’s eye.

The evocative flight rolls into “Eye of Your Storm,” an upbeat track with an omnipresent and haunting synth line. The bass is as large as ever, and even Page’s vocals have more strength in this powerful electronic masterpiece.

The listener is slowly brought out of a state of dewy-eyed hypnosis during “You Lead I Follow”. Although quite downtempo, this track contains a punchy beat that keeps its energy alive. The alluring sounds of synths mixed with Page’s lush, breathy vocals leave the listener intoxicated in an emotional tide pool.

Elfkowitz and Mimi Page bring substance and grace to an ethos overrun with passionless party music. Although compact, a cutting-edge attitude propels this EP already brimming with talent and a seductive allure. Shadowdancing is a mature statement from two young artists whose stars are on the rise.

Elfkowitz & Mimi Page - Nothing At All

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