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Favorite ThisElectro jam act Chachuba drop E.S.M. (Euphoria State of Mind) EP

Published: July 8, 2015

By: Payton Pinsky

Chicago’s very own Chachuba dropped its first EP today (July 8): E.S.M. (Euphoric State of Mind). Chachuba four members, Paul Feinstein on drums, Jimmy Klimek on guitar, Sean DiCosola on keys, and Nate Beitz on bass, all reside on the city's north side. Although Klimek is the quiet one of the bunch, he leads the group with his exciting and melodic guitar hooks. This album shows off the true musicianship that each member making up Chachuba really possesses. The rhythms make it easy to lose yourself in the chorus of each song--which is perfectly fitting for the title of their new EP, E.S.M.

ChachubaIt is hard to exactly describe Chachuba’s sound. Just think of a jazz-based electronic fusion with soulful jammed out melodies. No matter what setting you listen to them in, you are bound to lose your body and mind into the melodic tones that make up Chachuba.

E.S.M. is a five track EP that takes your mind on a beautiful exploration led by rhythmic beats. The artwork for the album itself is very fitting, showing off beautiful sacred geometry and soft colors leaving your spirit feeling at peace.

The EP has a constant tale it tells through each song. The music itself captivates you leaving you in a time-warp of your own thoughts. Each song flows perfectly from one to another, giving the album a consistent feeling of euphoria in each track. The EP begins with the lyrics “It isn’t the instrument that is going to give you the answer. It’s never the instrument that gives you the answer. The answer always comes from you somewhere.” This dialog sets you up for the musical journey that Chachuba then leads you on through the next four tracks.

The title track, “E.S.M.,” plays around with many different styles of melodies that truly leaves you in a Euphoric State of Mind. “Now Now” then brings a slightly different sound to the album, with fast-paced guitar riffs and a very catchy hook. Think retro-funk meets electronica-and there you have the upbeat track “Now Now”. Keeping up with the fast and upbeat ambience of “Now Now”, “Electro Robo Boogie” brings in a unique twist leaving you shaking and grooving while slowly bringing you back to the euphoria of the album that the closing track “Chi Tea” leaves you with. The closing track truly brings the EP to a full circle, showing off the amazing talents Chachuba has to offer.

If you are looking for a new act that will lead your mind and body on a rhythmic adventure, then look no further then Chachuba’s newest EP, E.S.M. (Euphoric State of Mind). Don’t miss Chachuba at their EP release show on July 25th at The Abbey Pub in Chicago hosted by Notion Presents.

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