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Favorite ThisElectric Zoo - Top 10 Undercard Artists [Page 2]

Published: July 29, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

7. gLAdiator

Dan and Ian are trap's most lovable duo. The pair reps LA hard, and brings some necessary levity to their live sets. It's just a party. Relax, DJs, with your crazy poses and rambling Facebook posts--just have fun like these guys. It seems to be working. The boys will be coming off a two-week tour Down Under, so don't be surprised if gLAdiator comes back with armfuls of Jersey Club in their Ezoo set.


We can't mention gLAdiator without mentioning their brothers in arms, LOUDPVCK. Who knows, with both sets of bass gods on hand, who's to say we aren't in for a gLAdPVCK tag team turn up?? We can dream, can't we? Please, please, please, PRETTY PLEASE?!


Let's just go for a trap trifecta. In the spirit of Bill O'Reilly, KEYS N KRATES fucks it and does it live. You know what I mean. The Toronto trio of Jr.Flo, David Matisse, and Adam Tune is on top of the world after years grinding it out on the Canadian club circuit. Their time has come and they're the perfect gentlemen to achieve their well-deserved acclaim.

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