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Favorite ThisEitch: Everything, Nothing Review

Published: February 9, 2012

By: Evan Townsend

New York-based Eitch has begun to familiarize the world with her own brand of lyrical electronic music. Her debut album Everything, Nothing has been on the market a little over one year, and she continues to make a name with her increasingly popular live shows. Eitch (pronounced like the letter “H”) has become known for her lilting voice and entrancing instrumental backings. Her sound’s venture into pop and alternative music have led her to stake her own genre, which she has dubbed “altronipop.”

Eitch’s music has a mysterious way of being completely digital, yet intensely alive. On Everything, Nothing Eitch pours out her sound in warm, dark colors. Deep swirling synth runs through every track, flowing effortlessly alongside Eitch’s satin vocals— a fusion of human and machine that breathes a life all its own. She probes the edges of traditional music until she finds something to her liking. Each track on her album speaks to her freethinking philosophy of music. Wondering at the new, and in marvel of the old, Eitch ties elements of different genres, moods, and times into one seamless sound.

Eitch paints her “altronipop” in a variety of forms. From the bitter and discordant “You’ll Find A Way,” reminiscent of a Björk track, to the bright and bouncy “Sun and Moon.” Eitch’s vocals themselves shift and blend with the tracks. They seem punchy on the album’s opener “I Leave It Up To You,” then verge on crooning pop-diva during “Runaway Cowboy.”

Despite the soft vibrance of Everything, Nothing, Eitch has created something original, at times defiant. Though her influences are clear, and her connection with popular music strong, Eitch doesn’t refrain from carving her own niche. She’s accessible to the casual listener, but for those who let themselves be carried and immersed in her sound she holds so much more.

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