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Favorite ThisEazybaked stays prolific on the path to The Untz Festival

Published: May 8, 2017

By: Aaron Huitt

The Untz Festival 2017Florida bass duo Eazybaked is staying busy in the run-up to Wake The Nation tour with their ThazDope Records homies, which leads right into The Untz Festival in Mariposa, California next month, June 2-4. A couple of cool collabs have surfaced over the past couple of weeks. First came a joint with HMU, and most recently a triple collab with Milano and Untitld. The latter dropped on Lost Dogz with the former coming on Don't Die At Work.

Wookstep” is a fun; wonky, lighthearted track laced with that signature west coast bass sound. The intro leads listeners through a psychedelic range of stretched out ticking clock samples just before the drop hits with a resounding 808, layered with a bouncy synth line over the top. Keeping “Wookstep” fresh is the fact that no two drops are the same, the song morphs slightly along with your trip. If you’re into artists like G Jones, Holly, or Sumthin Sumthin, then add this track to a playlist. Wookstep will keep your crystals all charged.

Re-up” is in the same vein as the latest tune. Subdued and relentless, the low-end whomps are precisely positioned and rumbling in frequency. This collab with HMU is a real eerie cut to drop in the midst of a sweaty dance floor with its menacing sound and trippy sound design.

Eazybaked join Toadface, Moniker, Alejo, Psydell, smith., Smokestax, and Yheti on the ThazDope stage at The Untz Festival. The list of performers outlines the rising stars of the scene who are making a huge difference in the sound track by track. You best pay attention to these dudes. These are the stars of tomorrow.

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