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Favorite ThisDYNOHUNTER: The Precambrian Era

Published: January 17, 2012

DYNOHUNTER is the musical brainchild of Clark Smith (saxophonist/producer) Justin Ehmer (drummer/producer) and Charles Parker Mertens (Electric Bass/Synth). The trio fuses elements of a DJ and live band setup to create a high energy sound composed of ethereal soundscapes, funky beats, filthy bass, and raging sax solos.

DYNOHUNTER's full length LP "The Precambrian Era" marks a new era in the progression of the trio's sound. The LP features the masterful drumming of Justin Ehmer, smooth electric bass of Charles Parker Mertens(Future Jazz Project, Big Wheel Electrosoul) and the soulful tenor sax of Clark Smith. The trio's sound is set amongst lush, epic electronic soundscapes that fuse together to become what could be described as Rainforest Gangster. The Precambrian Era blurs the line between acoustic and electronic, and improvisation and composition, exploring the limitless musical possibilites of the acoustic and electronic realm. Drawing from a vast array of musical styles including Hip Hop, Electronica, Trance, Jam, & Neo Soul, DYNOHUNTER creates a heavy dance oriented sound that is both soulful yet other worldly. Download our New LP a t