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Favorite ThisDYNOHUNTER breaks out with the release of The Nomad today [March 16]

Published: March 16, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

If you haven’t been keen to the word about the Boulder based trio DYNOHUNTER in recent months, it's time to get your ass in gear and prepare yourself for the release of their brand new album The Nomad.

What happens when you combine dance-laden rhythms, mesmerizing synths and sensual sax? You are left oozing desire and winding your body through the transfiguring sounds of DYNOHUNTER begging for just one more song.

The album itself showcases the lot of signature sounds and styles aligned to the goals of the group. With tracks like “Summoning Spirits” and “Don’t Bring Me Down” it’s easy to see that this is serious business. It may seem easy to qualify their sound in one particular area but as you float through each new track, it becomes abundantly clear that The Nomad has no destination or point of departure, the tunes exist to satisfy the souls of music lovers and “nomads” alike. DYNOHUNTER even defies expectation by going totally house on "Sound of the City" and "Take The Day" with Precious Hill and Ashley Niven, respectively.

In preparation for their summer tour, the album release should properly strike your ambition to welcome in the glory of spring and carve out a weekend to catch these boys quake the stage at your nearest location. Don’t waist a minute. Talent, dedication and ingenuity are something we value here at The Untz and DYNOHUNTER brings the whole package in spades. Prepare for the Jurassic release of The Nomad today (March 16th).

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