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Favorite ThisD.V.S* Reveals Another Track from Coming Up For Air

Published: October 22, 2011

Derek VanScoten is poised on the cusp of a major release. Throughout the year, he's been slowly compiling the tracks for Coming Up for Air, due out 11.1.11. As the months between bursts of D.V.S* tunes progressed, the list of songs grew and grew until VanScoten realized he was sitting on a double album. Perfecting his hip-hop, soul, and beat scene-influenced productions blended with masterful guitar layers, Derek's compositions have steadily evolved over the year, combining dynamic diversity with heart-pounding intensity. The last sneak peak before the album's release possesses both traits. A downtempo, breakbeat ballad, "The Bending Bloom" clicks and whirrs like the delicate inner-workings of a Swiss timepiece. Derek VanScoten's creations belong in the soundtrack of nature films from alien planets, beautiful colors achingly stretch across big skies, only punctuated by gurgling beats and bass.

D.V.S* - The Bending Bloom

Tags: ElectroLivetronica