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Favorite ThisD.V.S* Previews New Album with Video Trailer

Published: October 5, 2011

Guitarist/producer Derek VanScoten, a.k.a. D.V.S* is breathing new life into the bass music and beat scene with his inventive, melodic flourishes. His new album, Coming Up for Air, will be released - in it's entirety - on 11.1.11. What began as a piecemeal project, with parts being added every quarter of a year, has blossomed into a full-fledged, 30-track double album. The monster release, which features high-profile guests, like Michal Menert and Govinda, leaves no genre behind, encompassing downtempo, dubstep, beats, and a bizarre, guitar-laden prog hybrid. A trained mandolin player, some tracks swell from gentle, lilting melodies, into gargantuan, Air-Force-jet-flyovers-and-American-flag-shaped-fireworks-sized anthems. Here's a little video teaser. More sneak peaks in the coming weeks.

Tags: ElectroLivetronica