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Favorite Thisdubvirus: Tesseract EP Review

Published: July 20, 2012
By: Gracie Roberts

Dubvirus, a fresh face in the West Coast electronic scene, bestowed upon us his debut EP, Tesseract, earlier this month via Muti Music. This four-track compilation shows the advancement of this young artist who has spent the last decade listening, learning, producing, and ultimately discovering his true sound when he planted himself in San Francisco.
Dubvirus adores making music and sharing the experience with others. In addition to making music as a solo artist, Dubvirus also runs his own company, Dubvirus Audio, which offers audio services including mixing/mastering, soundtracking, and even Ableton Live training to its clients. Dubvirus has come a long way on his musical journey, and Tesseract marks a big milestone for the young artist.
“gListen”, the album’s first track, begins with synth-like electric guitar melody. The haunting chords on top of a heavy, clappable beat gives the song an instant allure that will win over any listener who’s ready to dance. “gListen” features sample from Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”, adding to the party feel of the track. Dissonant melodies round off this piece nicely, crafting it into the dubstep masterpiece it was created to be.
The album’s title track continues to show off the Dubvirus sound. Its dramatic build-ups and drops serve as an aural roller coaster for anyone who’s listening. “Tesseract” provides a nice segway into “Spacegun”, the third energy-filled track on the album. This piece’s quick and intricate drum beat combine with squealing synths to produce a sound that fits the track’s title quite nicely. It becomes clear that Dubvirus intends listeners to experience his sound on quality speakers, as the bass in his sound is surely too heavy for  smaller-sized sound systems.
“Trinity”, Dubvirus’ collaboration with DJEDI and Lux Moderna, finishes off this quick and dirty EP. “Trinity” has an evocative chord progression that often shifts from major to minor keys, keeping the track’s sound new and exciting. On top of that, the glitch hop sound that Dubvirus has been known for can be heard most in this closing track, where the beat continuously changes to keep listeners on their toes.
Tesseract shows that electronic dance music has the potential to move listeners both physically and emotionally. Dubvirus stands out as an innovator and teacher in the world of dubstep, and it is this knowledge and talent that will surely continue to serve him well in the years to come.

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