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Favorite ThisDSK CHK: Boot DSK EP

Published: March 25, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Anonymous "musical hacktivist" DSK CHK recently released an EP of bootlegs to spread his brand of irreverent house. While most DJs and producers strive to build up their image, DSK CHK remains a mystery, but his legion of fans are growing, gravitating towards the mystery man in the Guy Fawkes mask. The Boot DSK EP contains reworkings of contemporary classics and real classics. David Guetta's anthem with Chris Willis gets a couple of treatments, while Foreigner's much maligned hit "Sacrifice (Cold As Ice)" gets a modern makeover. And which old-school head could forget Rozalla's masterpiece? This bootleg EP is a very sophisticated piece of nostalgia wrapped in a slick new packaging. A sure treat for dance music fans.