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Favorite ThisDreamtime EDM - Top 20

Published: April 30, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Every song is crafted with a specific purpose. Whether that’s helping you ease an overwhelming sense of anxiety, giving you reason to push forward, or simply getting those feet of yours to start moving. Below is a list of twenty soothing tracks created to bridge the gap between real life and dream state. Some might use these songs to wake themselves up, while others to end their days, but we can promise that these moving tunes will propel you towards peace of mind within the first few bars.

20. Tritonal ft Cristina Soto - Everafter (Album Mix)
Tritonal - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
We’ll start things off by injecting you deep into an unbreakable state of trance. “Everafter” is best enjoyed with eyelids firmly shut and mind at rest, as Cristina Soto’s ethereal harmonies and Tritonal’s hypnotizing instrumentations gently set you adrift.

19. Ghosts of Paraguay ft Aiden Dullaghan - The River
Ghosts of Paraguay - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
Ghosts of Paraguay is best known for bestowing listeners with an immersive sound; one that relies heavily on its breathtaking milieu. “The River” combines visceral piano melodies with Aiden Dullaghan’s mournful vocals, creating an enveloping cocoon of peace.

18. MitiS - Elements of Thought
MitiS - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
Certain drum ‘n’ bass tracks are created with the purpose of moving your feet in an unyielding fashion, while others focus on pouring unrelenting fervor into each listener’s steadily beating heart. “Elements of Thought” focuses on the latter, filling those ear cavities with heavenly synths for seven unforgettable minutes.

17. Bonobo - Cirrus
Bonobo - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
If you haven’t yet slipped off into slumber with one of Bonobo’s euphoric releases, we have to question what you’ve been doing all these years. Each unorthodox drum pattern is specifically designed to induce instant dream state, making The North Borders release that much more ethereal.

16. Flume ft Chet Faker - Left Alone
Flume - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
What’s spellbinding, empowering, and soulful all over? If your guess was Flume’s “Left Alone,” then kudos to you, champion. The entrancing tune plays off listener’s current emotions, controlling them like a puppeteer as each note causes you to dance, jump for joy, or even slip away from the crowd.


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