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Favorite ThisDreamers Delight remixes Frameworks 'Carry On' for Loci x Lowtemp

Published: February 10, 2016

By: Jonathan Gross

FrameworksA remix born on tour has also resulted in a collaborative effort between two of our favorite artist-run labels. This past fall, instrumental downtempo, hip-hop, and house producer Frameworks made the trip across the Atlantic from Manchester, UK to tour the States, and was joined by future bass maestro Dreamers Delight.

The pair found a mutual admiration for each other's catalog of tunes, and before long, Reed Krafft was listening to what would become the Branches EP, which Frameworks, a.k.a. Matt Brewer, would later release on Emancipator's Loci Records.

We had already fallen in love with the lead single, "Carry On," which The Untz premiered back in October before its release. Brewer had dedicated the EP to his son, who was born during the album's conception. Krafft clearly also fell in love with the song, because his loving careful treatment of the source material is evident.

Dreamers DelightTaking the wide array of organic and natural samples, Dreamers Delight plays with the tempo, bringing the energy up and down, sometimes dropping all the way down to spare piano key strikes. The vocal pattern is a holdover from the original, but gets a brought to the front and shone with a spotlight. It really is a touching tribute between two artists. Krafft had already released his own EP of original tunes on Gramatik's Lowtemp label, so when this remix reached completion, it only made sense that the two labels would work cooperatively to put out the song. A cool concept, in our book, especially since we're such big fans of everything Lowtempo and Loci Records release.

Dreamers Delight will actually be joining Emancipator at the Tahoe Biltmore in Crystal Bay, NV on March 19th, and Frameworks was just announced for the already sold out Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI this summer, so expect to see these two out on the road much more this year.

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