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Favorite ThisDreamers Delight drops free Lowtemp EP Awake, on Vibe Street fall tour

Published: July 21, 2015

By: Jonathan Gross

Dreamers Delight Fall 2015 tourOf all the competitors in this year's installment of The Untz Challenge, we've seen the fastest meteoric rise from Dreamers Delight. Santa Barbara-based Reed Krafft completely floored us with his submission of the hypnotic track "Around," and now the single has found its way onto his latest EP, Awake, which today found its way onto Gramatik's Lowtemp label. This is on the heels of Krafft making his live debut at the sold out Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI just last month.

The four-track EP kicks off with an extended version of "Around," which plays around (no pun intended) with that haunting melody Krafft first brought our way. The big brass stabs really punch us in the gut, and the resolution of the hook into this meandering melody is just so emotional. We still can't believe this submission to our contest made it to a trendsetting label in a short matter of months.

Title track "Awake" really encapsulates that Flume-esque, Future Classic sound that Dreamers Delight has been perfecting over the past couple of years. He knows how to work with glittering synths and gorgeous top lines. There's also a cinematic slant to his these compositions.

We were all blown away by the lead single for the EP, "Olives," which builds with a massive string section into a juggernaut of a drop. Such patience and precision executed with flair. It's a masterpiece of a track, and it's no wonder it's gotten so much attention from the Lowtemp base.

Dreamers Delight closes out the EP with "These Lies," a more straightforward, but still laid back groove that plays with shiny synths and inventive audio flavors. There are these hidden melodies within each deftly layered masterpiece. This is the sleeper of the EP--definitely going to be the favorite for lots of fans.

In addition to this huge EP release, Dreamers Delight will be joining Vibe Street and Frameworks on the NEW HORIZONS tour (click the link for tickets), hitting cities coast-to-coast in the back half of October. The three acts will kick off their tour in Olympia, WA, stop off in Denver and Chicago, and close things out with a big Halloween blast in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for more Dreamers Delight news.

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