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Favorite ThisDopapod: Redivider Review

Published: January 2, 2013
By: Alex Silva

As music continues to evolve, it becomes harder and harder for musicians to breach the thick crowd of “talent” clogging up the industry. Sometimes, however, a select few are able to adapt to the need for eclectic taste and bold innovation. Dopapod, a four-piece from Brooklyn, has finally broken through.
In the five years since its 2007 debut, the band has been dosing fans with their aesthetic clash of organic and synthesized improvisations, a combination epitomized once again in their latest album, Redivider. Building on the breakneck success of their first two albums, Dopapod brings back their critically acclaimed sound to give fans something else to look forward to this holiday season.
A thick fusion of psychedelic rock, jazz, classical, funk, metal, electronic and a little bit of everything else, their complex style draws a line of influence that stretches all the way from some of the earliest roots of rock ‘n’ roll to the vast collection of contemporary subgenres floating around today. From Pink Floyd to Steely Dan to Primus and The Strokes, you’ll sense it all.
Having secluded themselves on a farm in Connecticut throughout the recording process, the boys buff themselves up a bit for this new album, bringing some vocals into the mix. The added ingredient casts a dark, harmonious glaze over their already mint composition.
The album opens with “Build an Android,” a static mess of unfiltered noise and eerie distortion that quickly transitions into the next song, “Braindead,” capturing the listener’s ear with bellowing sounds of the accordion stringed to skyrocketing guitar riffs. Lyrics introduce the band’s raw vocals for the first time, discharging images that radiate themes of internal decay, social inequality, abandonment, and the passage of time. Morbid but engaging nonetheless because the focus of the composition remains on the instrumental journey, which the band wants you to experience without reservation, as it does for the rest of the album.
“Bubble Brain” takes your hand next with its tame Latin groove that melts back and forth between the groovy Hammond builds and deep guitar chords. A light synth takes over half way like a tonic lullaby that cradles you into the next progression.
As you delve deeper into the album expect things to get a little funky with tracks like “Trapper Keeper” and “Blast,” a little quiet rock with “My Elephant Vs. Your Elephant,” an electronic twist with “Vol. 3 #86,” and of course some heavier moments with songs like “Give It A Name.” Juggling your emotions like they do styles the band closes the album out with one final bang, “Weird Charlie,” and then glitches out into silence.
Catch Dopapod on tour for their four-night New Year’s run in Burlington (VT), Worcester (MA), Philadelphia (PA) and Richmond (VA). The 2013 Winter Tour begins January 29th in Bloomington, Indiana with Papadosio, and extends all the way to April 20th in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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