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Favorite ThisDon't' 'Hurry Up and Wait' on this new Oneness EP

Published: July 12, 2017

By: Chris Conte

OnenessThis new Oneness EP is an auditory trip through the hidden crevasses of the Universe. The sojourn to these coveted areas are brought to you via kaleidoscopic tunnels that explode with fractals once you arrive at your destination. These clandestine alcoves of consciousness are shaped by contorted layers of vibration. It's seriously far fuckin out.

Hurry Up and Wait is an example of some serious otherworldly flow. Drawing together all different types of bops, blips, pops, and cracks to create an addicting soundscape. The synchronicity is breathtaking; this EP is perfect for an early morning sunrise or in a dimly lit smoking den lounging lengthwise on a couch. There is something remarkable about Wayne Stickler that draws you inward. You get sucked into the beauty of each track. The listener is drawn into the adventure like Bilbo in The Hobbit, there is no refusing Gandalf. Once those earbuds are in, you are enamored with what you are hearing and becoming hopelessly absorbed.

Hurry Up and Wait is an enchanting adventure through the depths of your soul. Once you reach the bottom you are shot back out into the heavens.

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Tags: Glitch