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Favorite ThisDodge & Fuski: Sucker Punch EP Review

Published: March 14, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

In a period of time when musicians can’t help but explore new genres currently poppin’ off, we have Dodge & Fuski. The Bristol based duo has allowed their menacing sound to continually evolve, while never straying from the jaw-dropping aspects that make it so potent.
On their recent burst of schizophrenic instrumentations via Never Say Die, Dodge & Fuski provides us with the Sucker Pucker EP. Heavy as hell, and you might want to fasten those seatbelts before strapping into this one. Or maybe just heed our warning, and see what happens.
The EP’s title track instantly sets the scene, laying waste to each listener’s cerebellum with an appropriately placed quote stating “We are back,” before unleashing layers upon layers of head-banging synths. The perfect soundtrack for any adrenaline-laden activity, as the song’s metal-esque ambiance removes any trace of fear from your ice-cold veins.
 “Never Let Me Go” effortlessly amalgamates soulful vocals with unstoppable fits of sporadic snares, creating a powerful juxtaposition of melodic choruses and trenchant break sections. Easily some of Dodge & Fuski’s best work to date, surging cataclysmic blasts of electricity with each floor-rattling note.
 “Substance Abuse” opens with a quick history lesson on a little drug known as Nepeta cataria (catnip)—really just a side-splitter. An extraterrestrial dubstep drop soon follows, synthesizing blissful soundscapes with shell-shocking womps throughout.
Dodge & Fuski continues their unstoppable spree of commanding releases, pushing innovation while snagging obvious influence from previous works. The boys are back in town, and they’ve got us hooked on Sucker Punch.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepElectro