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Favorite ThisDMVU x Holly close out the year with 'Untiled'

Published: December 30, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Warped HorizonAs we share our last premiere of the year, it's only appropriate we close things out with two of the biggest breakout stars of the year. In 2017, both DMVU and Holly were all over the place. Matthew Philpott-Jones had one of the biggest tracks of the year, with “Blocc'd” getting support from REZZ, NGHTMRE, Datsik, and more, and it seemed every time you turned around Miguel Holly had a new collab dropping with a new artist on a new label.

To close things out, these boys beat the ball drop with a bass drop. “Untiled” is a scorching tune with unlimited potential and a fiery attitude. Brilliant and swaggering, this banger up ends expectations and unleashes a sweltering pair of drops that chug and splutter and hiss with machinery steam into a broken down, punky, neck-breaking tune.

Both DMVU and Holly pair off with other big time producers (who both played The Untz Festival back in June) tonight in different cities. Holly goes B2B with our old pal Sayer at Lights All Night in Houston, and DMVU goes B2B with the madman PROKO at Warped Horizon in Atlanta tonight.

We've been hard at work with our pals at SOMA Entertainment, Sweet Science, C4 Productions, Pass The Good, Zen Awakening, and ThazDope Records to assemble an unstoppable two-night lineup for a pre-party and after party that will go down in history. Tonight you can catch the likes of EAZYBAKED, Shlump, DIGITAL ETHOS, Of The Trees, and so many more. Oh hey, just realized all those acts were on the festival this summer, too... You still have time to grab your tickets for the madness tonight. Just visit and join us for an unforgettable pair of shows.

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