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Favorite ThisDMVU remixes UZ's 'On Me' featuring Lil Silk

Published: November 16, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

UZThis summer, UZ celebrated five years as a pioneer in trap with the release of Layers via his Quality Goods Records imprint. Tomorrow (November 17), he writes the next chapter in his illustrious career with the release of Layers (The Remixes).

The track list reads like a who's who of contemporary hip-hop, trap, and bass music all-stars, with contributions from Teddy Killerz, Pham, Ian Munro, Holly, and the don, Machinedrum. It's a wide variety of acts spread across the electronic music spectrum, but each selection checks a different box for fans, and all contribute loving renderings of UZ's work.

With all that being said, we had to select Matthew Philpott-Jones to share with our fans today. The mans DMVU has been in top-to-bottom crush mode this entire year. Not only has “Blocc'd” been dropped by any major DJ worth their salt, but he's knocked out crowd after crowd on Far From The Tree tour with Yheti and Toadface, and is the belle of the ball when it comes to summer 2018 festivals—just you wait.

Philpott-Jones takes on UZ's “On Me,” featuring Lil Silk, which is right in DMVU's wheelhouse. Fans know he's a hip-hop master, and knows as good as anyone how to produce a killer beat for a rapper. It's a reverent homage to the original tune, but with some eerie DMVU atmospherics as only he can do. In all his various incarnations, including Ghost Creek, his work with Kruza Kid, and beyond, Matt proves he's just as able to churn out a crossover hip-hop anthem as a weird, wild, and wonky banger. UZ couldn't have selected a better remixer.

Pre-order UZ's Layers (The Remixes) before it drops November 17

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