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Favorite ThisDMVU drops 'Blubbles' on Circus Records

Published: August 18, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

Yheti Far From The Tree Tour“An object in motion stays in motion” is one of those sayings that everyone's heard a million times, and at some point someone of importance must have drilled that into DMVU’s head with the intensity of an oil baron, because it appears to be his musical mantra.

This year alone the producer has released one of the hottest singles in the scene (“Blocc'd” out now on TRUTH's Deep, Dark & Dangerous label) and then followed it up with two more bombastic beats as Circus Records' hottest new signee, as well as several other remixes and collaborations. Now following it up yet again with new heat, “Blubbles” is a continuation of everything you have come to expect out of the sub bass savant’s laboratory.

The lyrics loop around a wheat bread catchphrase (seriously, what far untethered corner of your brain does that come from?) and it only gets wonkier from there (but in the best way possible of course.) Sticking to his signature glitch step, wompgasmic sound, “Blubbles” picks up where Matthew Philpott-Jones' last single left off…knocking your jaw to the floor and smashing in you audio receptors for good measure.

This dude is only gaining momentum as he goes along, and that train is bound to gain steam as he embarks on a slew of tour dates with Yheti, a perfect place to show case his immeasurable raw talent.

The Untz is proud to be hosting Yheti and DMVU along with the former's younger brother Toadface in Charlottesville, Virginia on September 28. In light of the recent tragic events in the town, a little bass healing sounds like just what this city needs, and we're happy to provide it.

Tags: Dubstep