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Favorite ThisDjunya, Janover & reSUNator: Conduit

Published: January 21, 2013
By: Alex Silva

Collaborations are some of the most unparalleled gifts of the music industry. They shed new light on old habits to inspire new endeavors, give birth to the latest styles and bring together some of the most talented minds around. Ultimately, they illustrate an artist’s ability to use their creative outlet to not only produce their own material but to share a creative headspace with another to create something that will remain unique to its own for the rest of time.
Electronic music gives birth to so many collaborative works nowadays that they’ve almost become a dime a dozen. Janover, who is praised for his collaborative efforts with LYNX (LYNX and Janover), most recently joined forces with Djunya for the EP Quanta, which features a collaborative track with reSUNator titled “Conduit,” and it is anything but a dime a dozen.
A native of Hong Kong, reSUNator serenades the listener with her palliative voice that takes the shape a sleek gust of wind as it sweeps you off your feet and into the clouds above. Her voice presented as a sweet glaze over Janover’s brilliantly crafted percussion efforts on the hammered dulcimer that, as downtempo as they are, caste a powerful feeling of direction and ascendancy over your ears. Djunya’s production provides the modern touch that brings the timeless piece into the here and now. Listen to the lyrics, “We must awaken humanity,” and allow them to channel into your psyche for that breath of fresh air it’s been seeking amidst the surplus of EDM saturating the air waves today.
Catch the duo of Janover & reSUNator performing at this year's 10th annual Wakarusa in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains of Arkansas this summer. And if you want to dive into the rest of the Djunya/Janover collabs, grab Quanta on now.

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