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Favorite ThisDJ Toast / Golden Toast - Digital Atmosphere ft. Data

Published: August 3, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano
“Breakfast Is Served”—the three words that every man, woman, and child yearns to hear after waking up. So put on your slippers and come to the table Untz followers, because Breakfast Is Served, and it’s in the form of some crispy new tunes from up-and-coming Ashland, Oregon native DJ Toast / Golden Toast (Ananda Goldsmith). The appropriately titled EP will be unveiled on August 7th, but today we have an unreleased gem from the young gun served sunny side up.

“Digital Atmosphere” is a tantalizing cut which opens with emotive piano chords from Data, and an unlimited supply of mesmerizing drum patterns from Goldsmith; a perfect recipe that leaves the listener salivating. Powerful glitch tones pave the way, while shining a light on Toast’s more melodic side. Don’t sleep on this track, or rather sleep in on this track, because we don’t serve breakfast here all day.