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Favorite ThisDJ Solar System - Must Be The Music

Published: June 28, 2010

From beginning to end, DJ Solar System’s most recent release ‘Must Be The Music’ sears the sonic synapses and plunges listeners into a world of psychedelic grooviness where few other trance DJs can take them. Boasting exhilarating rhythms and melodies while maintaining a steady and sensible pulse throughout, this 10-track gem ebbs and flows as naturally as the tide itself. Finding an entirely listenable trance LP can be difficult in this day and age, and especially so for those new to trance and/or psytrance; Solar System’s unique approach of integrating pillars of trance with aspects of psytrance reveals club-ready compositions and remixes fit for even the fussiest of electronic aficionados.

‘Must Be The Music’ is itself an ode to the acuity of DJ Solar System. His trance-fusion originals meld seamlessly with Sun Project (Let It Burn) and Prodigy (Omen) remixes.  Solar’s work on Omen is easily one of the strongest tracks of ‘Must Be The Music’, and it follows a battery of perfectly aligned and quizzically entertaining originals. Screeching guitars abound in compositions like ‘Summer Rain’ and Sun Project’s ‘Let It Burn (Solar System Remix)’, and the former even hosts a live snare throughout the mix.

Solar System, renowned around the world as a visionary virtuoso, is sure to find new fans and friends with ‘Must Be The Music’. It’s intelligent, innovative, listenable, and most importantly, enjoyable. 

Released on Spun Records, ‘Must Be The Music’ can be found through Psyshop.

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