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Favorite ThisDj Ride tries to 'Raise The Bar' with new Saturate EP

Published: October 24, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Dj RideSaturate Records continues to amass a roster featuring talent from all over the world. But it's not just young upstarts making tracks in their bedroom who the folks behind the Germany label flock to, it's also worldwide phenomenons who recognize a great sound when they hear one.

Enter world champion turntablist Dj Ride (one half of Beatbombers with Stereossauro) who has a trophy case full of precious metals to speak for his prodigious skills behind the decks. When the Portuguese DJ is not rocking crowds around the planet, he's crafting unbelievably rowdy underground bass that made everyone in the Saturate office jump for joy when they heard it.

For your listening pleasure, Saturate brings fans Noesis, the power-packed EP from Dj Ride dropping on October 27. This stacked EP contains 4 originals and 5 remixes from the likes of yunis, Jimmy Pé, Psy Fi, Dj Pound, and Gold Standard. Today, we have the lead single from the collection, “Raise The Bar,” which certainly does that.

Look, making slimepunk is fun. It's groundbreaking, it's complex, it's challenging. But Dj Ride has been rocking parties for a decade. He can't get too caught in the weeds making cerebral music for 6 dudes drinking coffee in Japanese backpacks and snapbacks nodding slightly. He wants to make sweaty, swampy tunes that still lift a crowd off its feet and propels them into action. “Raise The Bar” is fun and fresh. A great addition to a number of different types of sets.

Dive deep into this EP when it drops, because it shows you how veterans of the scene can reinvent themselves and stay ahead of the curve without selling out.

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