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Favorite ThisDJ BL3ND - Take My Hand

Published: January 15, 2013
By: Allegra Dimperio

DJ BL3ND is a bit of contradiction in the electronic world. He has a vocal hater base that wrestles with his fans and an hXc image that doesn’t quite match up to his undeniably electro tracks.  Love him or hate him, this week he’s unleashed a new track that sounds about what you’d expect from a freaky-mask-wearing, crowd-diving, “haters gonna hate” YouTube sensation.
“Take My Hand” kicks off with a grimy, four-on-the-floor intro joined by sinister spoken vocals and a frenetic electro progression. The build climaxes with Daft Punk’s vocal “work it” before dropping into an industrial-sounding bridge complete with gritty electric drill tones that almost achieve a metal pig squeal at their highest pitch. Compelling in a party-scene-at-Jesse-Pinkman's sort of way, “Take My Hand” is slightly nasty but a little bit nice; Get your chainsaw on and give it a spin.

Tags: ElectroHouse