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Favorite This'Dirty Disco' from Wyllys Tonight at Sullivan Hall in NYC

Published: August 17, 2011

For the better part of a decade, Wade Willby, a.k.a. Wyllys, has been spinning nasty sets of house, disco, and funk everywhere from Jam Cruise to Summer Camp, and any place that's got a set of decks, to be honest. This discotheque hooligan has one foot firmly planted in the world of electronic music, while his other floats along in the world of jam, always bringing on his instrumental friends for marathon sessions. Joining his New York Hustler Ensemble tonight (which already boasts Trey Anastasio's horn section) are Todd Stoops, Pete Pidgeon, and UMelt's Rob Salzer. Tickets are still available for tonight's show via Ticketweb. Check out this nasty Sullivan Hall set from earlier this year featuring Zac Lasher. What'choo talkin' about?

Wyllys & the New York Hustler Ensemble - Space Disco (feat. Zac Lasher) 1.29.11 Sullivan Hall, NYC

Tags: DowntempoDrum and BassHouse