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Favorite ThisDirect - Eternity

Published: January 10, 2013
By: Anand HarshWhen it's been a couple of days without a Monstercat fix, we here at start to get a little shaky. So let's dive back into the cool comfort of our old friends. Today's injection comes from Florida, in the form of Joseph Lyncheski. Releasing music from a young age under many pseudonyms, but finally settling on Direct, Lyncheski offers up "Eternity," the chilliest of the chillstep. Melt into your couch to this jam that sounds like the video game music producers behind the Kirby series for GameBoy popped a methadone. Direct seems to be channeling a little Feed Me in here, but only in the most superficial me, using sonic aesthetics of that bleeps and bloops sound, and structurally remaining simple, but there's a delicate tenderness here that sucks you in and never lets you go. You're hooked for eternity.