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Favorite ThisDim Mak Dives Into Dubstep With Dirtyphonics

Published: July 23, 2011

Steve Aoki never stops moving. One of the great innovators of the electro-house craze, he's decided to get into the dubstep game, putting out the latest Dirtyphonics EP on his vanguard Dim Mak label. The French foursome of Pho, Playte, Capskod, and Pitch-In received some high praise for their addition to Skrillex's More Scary Monsters and Sprites remix EP.

The Spaghetti Western-themed EP Tarantino includes homages to the great Ennio Morricone, with melodic drops that strut the line between bombastic and beautiful. The single "Oakwood" is hip and fresh, while maintaining the sort of brash irreverence expected of dubstep tracks. Interestingly, the title track strays more to the electro house side of the spectrum, rather than dubstep, but it's all good. As the genre makes its way closer and closer to mainstream audiences, its heartening to see that productions are not becoming watered down. Though accessible, Tarantino is never sugary.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepElectroHouse