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Favorite ThisDICEY unveils full Depth EP on ThazDope Records

Published: April 10, 2018

By: Sam E. Lawrence

TRUTH PittsburghKicking off without gentle introduction and snapping right into the bass, this ThazDope Records EP is not for the faint of heart.

DICEY is still relatively unknown in the bass music scene, but he’s sure to catch some attention with his unique and provocative sound. It’s been a while since I heard some good horror themes in bass music, and this Depth EP comfortably fills a gap in the market.

Depth is a fitting title for the project, as it goes to some really dark places, sonically. “Shift Menace” starts things off with rumbling pass over wonky minor key synths and a collection of sound effects and foleys that would sound right at home in a Hitchcock film. A hybrid trap / dubstep composition, it is at heart a horrorcore track and belongs in sets ranging from industrial and goth nights to a headbanger’s rave.

Toothless,” his collaboration with Mr. Yukk takes more time to get going but very quickly snaps into high gear. This is heavy dance music, but still keeps some of DICEY’s favored horror themes in the sound design. Drawing influences from artists like Sayer and Proko, this track is a genuine thumper that, again, straddles the lines between dubstep and trap.

The short EP closes out with “Shut It,” the most upbeat and chill of the three tracks. Even as the most melodic track, this closer still packs plenty of head as the grinding synth takes glitchy steps over the claps and kicks. Showing off his diversity and skill on this EP, DICEY how has my attention and I can’t wait to hear more music from him soon.

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