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Favorite ThisDestroid: The Invasion Review

Published: May 8, 2013
By: Jared Vinik

Bam! Prepare to be punched in the face. Coming in hot and heavy is the new album from newly minted bass project Destroid. Destroid is the new collaboration led by bass monster Excision, featuring fellow production demon Downlink with KJ Sawka from electronic rock outfit Pendulum, on the drums. Their debut album, The Invasion, was released yesterday on their own label, Destroid Music.
This album, I will say it again, punches you right in the face. Beginning with the opening track ‘Raise Your Fist,’ The Invasion is an unrelenting bass assault rife with surprise collaborations. The name that is sure to catch every EDM fans' eye is Bassnectar, who collaborated with Excision to produce the hip-hop infused track ‘Put It Down.’ Beyond that are appearances by popular dubstep vocalist Messinian, as well as Japanese bass heavyweight Ajapai.  U.K. bass maestro Space Laces leant his touch to five separate songs on The Invasion, and the particularly catchy track ‘Annihilate’ was made with the help of UK artist Far Too Loud. There has been a good deal of hype surrounding this album, and the men of Destroid, along with the all-star cast of collaborators, really produced a piece of bass gold.
The album, clocking in at almost 44-minutes, is an all out bass assault. It's clear upon first listen that the tracks are assembled with extreme precision and care, and the bass whomps and the drums boom at all the right points. While listening to the album straight through, which should be a priority to any fan of heavy bass music, there are certain songs that stand out above the others. There are three tracks produced by Excision, Downlink and Space Laces, the first three tracks on the album, and they do an amazing job of showing the EDM world what Destroid is all about. The first, ‘Raise Your Fist’ is unrelentingly heavy, and after a minute of the voice of Satan himself the song drops and your conception of bass music is suddenly changed forever. Seriously, it is that heavy and it is that good. This is followed by ‘Wasteland’ another bass bomb that builds up and aptly says “destroyed” before launching into what can only be described as the start of the apocalypse. The third and final Excision, Downlink and Space Laces produced track is ‘Crusaders.’ Filled with more in your face bass power, this track has a different feel as a catchy synth line hooks you in, leaving your face very likely to be blown off by the ensuing drop.  
Destroid are bringing their groundbreaking sounds to the masses this summer, with their debut live show on May 31st at The Warfield in San Francisco. Following that are performances at the Moonrise Festival on June 8th in Baltimore, Maryland and June 9th at the Orion Music + More Festival in Detroit, Michigan. Capping off those shows is a featured performance at this year’s Camp Bisco festival. If you happen to find yourself at one of those events, I urge you to see Destroid. Their live show is supposed to be one of epic proportions, where Excision and Downlink will be performing on two custom MIDI guitars and KJ Sawka will be tearing it up on a fully custom digital drum kit. This is an album that has the potential to change bass music forever. Coming in harder than almost anything else out in mainstream EDM right now, I predict bassheads everywhere will accept the trio of Destroid with open arms. Prepare to experience Destroid in all of their full bass power, and revel in the masterpiece that is The Invasion.

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