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Favorite ThisDem Vibes has the apparel and accessories you need for festival season.

Published: February 26, 2016

By: Harry Coomer

Dem Vibes goggles

If you're anything like us, you're daydreaming from your desk about warmer weather, good music, and those festival vibes. There's nothing like the freedom of pushing through that front gate and entering a world of freedom.

But these long winter months are meant for planning, and that's just what you'll do. When it comes time to pull your musty sleeping bag out of the closet, dig your tent out from wherever it's been hiding, and pack up the ol' trusty duffel--you'll know exactly what to put in there.

Dem Vibes is the new break out rave clothing company that combines high quality gear with exceptional customer service. Their focus this festival season? Unique men’s all-over-print tanks, kaleidoscope glasses, and even these super psychedelic goggles perfect for navigating the Playa.

Dem Vibes tankTheir slogan is “Live with PLURpose” and they don’t fall short of delivering the good vibes. Everything Dem Vibes offers ships out within 24 hours, as opposed to other rave clothing brands which often have a 10-14 day crafting period associated with their tanks and tees. Dem Vibes also has a generous return policy as well as a customer service line where real humans answer.
To top it off, the founders love the electronic music culture;
“We live for four-on-the-floor tracks regardless of the genre, we cried when Frankie Knuckles passed, and we spend all of our money at raves and festivals," noted Dem Vibes founder Brian Anderson. "Our spare time is spent in the studio producing music in BitWig and Logic. We love being influenced by and surrounded by electronic music, ravers, and PLUR.”
Visit to find the look that's right for the summer you deserve.