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Favorite ThisDelerium - Days Turn Into Nights (Seven Lions Remix)

Published: December 5, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Jeff Montalvo, a.k.a. Seven Lions, is a straight up beast. The Santa Barbara-based producer was merely a cub at the beginning of the year, but has now grown into the king of the jungle--kickin’ ass, taking names, and snarling in the face of any challenge. He’s spent the past year vigorously unleashing electrifying EPs and thoroughly exhilarating revamps, while capturing the undivided attention of music lovers beyond his core scene.

On his latest switch up, we witness Seven Lions blend his ever-changing style with Delerium, an artist Montalvo has always looked up to, even before his days of producing EDM. “Days Turn Into Night” quickly reverberates unstoppable fervor into your bloodstream, as pulsing bass and throbbing snares carefully mesh. Visceral vocals from Michael Logan hauntingly sit atop eerie instrumentations, leading up to the calm before the storm. Once it hits, there’s no stopping listeners from exploding in sheer satisfaction. The perfect balance of harmonious and driving, while continually complimenting Delirium’s mysterious ambiance.

“Days Turn Into Night” is Montalvo’s reminder to everyone that he’s still got a lot more up his sleeve. He continues to prowl across genre barriers, while refurbishing a passionate sound that can’t be categorized or controlled.