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Favorite ThisDeep House Innovator Nutritious Releases Debut "Flash It" on Own SpinSpinNYC

Published: June 25, 2013

Today marks the day deep house innovator Nutritious releases his debut single "Flash It" on his own Brooklyn based label SpinSpinNYC. Its the day all deep house fans have been waiting for and will remember. This is the future. Nutritious a long time New York City DJ party rocker drops a real body mover of a track with "Flash It" his debut release as a producer under the Nutritious monkier.

In "Flash It" a simple yet beautiful piano melody finds its way in and out of bass driven house beats, as if a pedestrian floating through the crowded streets of New York. Building up as if overcome by the chaos of the city, the piano melody drops into chaotic dance floor mayhem right around the midway point in the track. The floaty piano melody returns as if to come up for air and break free before diving right back into the funky chaos until finally emerging again and floating home. Nutritious is definitely going to whip up some frenzies with this track, watch yourselves.

"Flash It" was made for playing to the dance floor and straight-up manipulating a crowd. As a DJ and party pleaser, this is something that Nutritious is well known for, and damn good at. So its no surprise that his debut single perfectly reflects who he is and where he comes from. A fresh voice for the Deep House movement, Nutritious has been here for some time, but he is only now getting started.

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Check out the Official Video! A homage to New York City.


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