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Favorite ThisDeathStar Ultraviolet Halo EP released for free download

Published: July 12, 2011

Not too often do we at The Untz do we get a chance to nerd out on Star Wars, but here's the perfect opportunity: "That's no moon... that's a space station!" Did you think MartyParty and Minnesota were done after the success of their "Rolling in the Deep" remix of Adele? Nah. A billion downloads later, the duo have finally released their Ultraviolet Halo EP under the moniker DeathStar (hell yeah!).

Trying to break new ground in the bass music scene, Marty Folb and young Christian Bauhofer have ransacked the worlds of R&B, dirty south, and a vast swath of electronica to piece together their 5-track EP. You'll catch snippets of Fatboy Slim, along with a remix of the scene's favorite rapper, Wiz Khalifa. There's so much delicate synth work on this release that it almost sounds jazzy at times. Minne and Marty are going to great lengths to perpetuate this melodic bass sound. Let's not even discuss how prolific MartyParty has been, of late. It really does put as all to shame. 

Tags: BreaksDrum and BassDubstep