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Favorite ThisDeadmau5 unveils video for "The Veldt"

Published: June 26, 2012

In 1950, The Saturday Evening Post published a short story by legendary science fiction writer Ray Bradbury called “The World The Children Made” which eventually came to be known as “The Veldt.”  Its futuristic storyline is the inspiration for the song “The Veldt” by electronic music producer deadmau5 featuring Chris James.  It pays homage to the recently deceased novelist in its music and lyrics, as well as its accompanying video, made available today by deadmau5 and Ultra Music

“A bouncing, four-on-the-floor electro-house ditty, the track describes a world in which technology has so consumed culture that the world outside has virtually vanished,” wrote Randall Roberts of the Los Angeles Times (6/6/12).  For the song’s animated video (the first visual from deadmau5 since 2009’s “Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff”), deadmau5 teamed with U.K. video production house Qudos Animations, producer Warren Green and director Dr. Manroop Takhar to depict “The Veldt” characters children Peter and Wendy amongst the lions in the virtual reality African jungle they eventually trap their parents in.

“The Veldt” appears on THE VELDT four-song EP along with remixes by Tommy Trash and Freeform Five, as well as “Failbait” featuring hip-hop icons Cypress Hill.  It is available now via Ultra Music at:

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