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Favorite ThisDavid Starfire - Transformation EP [FREE for 3 weeks]

Published: August 14, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Known for blending bhangra with hard-hitting beats and bass, David Starfire continues his prolific release schedule with a brand new, four-track EP, Transformation, which focuses on the hip-hop heavy tracks from his Awakening sessions. Taking classical Indian instruments like the tabla and sarod and laying an 808-centric foundation for exotic melodies and flavors, the truly global album rockets the listener around the world in 17 minutes.

Standout "Shofar" is equal parts FreQ Nasty and HeRobust, as the dancehall meets dubstep tune has a tryst with trap in the back of a sweaty club. Closer "Apsara" is a savory stew of hardstyle gone Bollywood, with killer bass and a hypnotic groove. Truly a worldstyle treat. Plenty of squishy bass abounds for fans of frequent collaborators Kalya Scintilla and Desert Dwellers. The psybass sorcerer is back at it, and proves there is no singular Starfire sound.

Tags: BreaksDubstep