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Favorite ThisDavid Murphy (formerly of STS9) - Podcast Episode 152

Published: September 3, 2014

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***A Note from The Untz Podcast host Anand Harsh***

I don't generally do this, but this was a super special interview for me. I've been a fan of STS9 for more than a decade, and in many ways, it was the first "livetronica" act I embraced. For myself, and the entire fan base, David Murphy was a huge part of what made this band truly special. His departure from the band in January of this year was a heartbreak for me and the entire Sector 9 community.

When I found out that I was going to have a chance to sit down with Murph and really explore his background, the early years with the band, his eventual departure, and the new phase of his musical career, I felt not only honored, but also a deep obligation to the fan base to give a sense of closure, and to excite diehards about the new chapters opening in the lives of all parties.

We sat down in my living room to talk as a summer thunderstorm rolled down from the mountains (as it does every afternoon in Denver), and the stormclouds begin to rumble as David's story gains intensity. In fact, as the interview reaches its dramatic climax--when we get into the real nitty gritty surrounding the split--I encourage fans listening on headphones to be careful of their volume knobs. It seems Mother Nature is a member of the Tribe.

I had a ton of fun doing this interview, and because the story is so precious to me and likewise important for the fans to hear, I decided to leave the entire interview uncut: from the minute we start rolling to the conclusion of the conversation, no breaks. That's 75-minutes of pure unadulterated Murph. My hope is that some questions are answered, and we all learn a little something. Please enjoy what is, without a doubt, one of my favorite interviews of my career.

Murphy goes on to discuss meeting vocalist Ashley Niven in Denver, and forming a bond with her that allows the pair to really dive into songwriting and crafting lyrics that contain a deeper message. He also talks about the musicians who have really helped him establish his new musical vision, including drummer George Horn and producer/saxophonist Dom Lalli of Big Gigantic. Get the scoop on Murph's new musical vision.

David Murphy's new project, Seven Arrows, makes its debut at Chicago's Concord Music Hall this Friday, September 5th. Collaborator and saxophonist Clark Smith will be on hand, as his trio DYNOHUNTER supports alongside Inverse Universe. Murphy tells fans to expect new music from the Mirrors EP, which came out last night, as well as some old school funk jams and classic STS9 tracks throw in for fun. Buy your tickets here from Silver Wrapper.

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