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Favorite ThisDatsik - Let It Burn review

Published: September 27, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

When it comes to grime, no once in the game does it quite like Datsik. The Canadian producer is back with a 10-track collection of filthiness for your raging pleasure. Let it Burn is filled with heaters that will have the venues on Datsik’s new tour quaking to their foundations. Although he doesn't venture far out of his comfort zone on this project, Troy Beetles manages to demonstrate why he is one of the hottest bass music producers in the industry.

The title track is a dark, visceral experience that sets the tone for the rest of the album with lots of churning transformer bass. A female voice gently sings “set the place on fire, light that match and let it burn.” Datsik does just that on the following track “East Side Swing” as he laces his signature sounds with a touch of moombahton flavor to spice up the pot.

One of our personal favorites “Hold it Down”  comes next with some help from Georgia Murray on vocals.  This girl practices what she sings as she holds this song down perfectly.  It literally feels like her voice is holding Datsik’s ridiculously awesome bass wobble from shooting off into space.  The little known Canadian singer comes through big on this one.  We aren’t sure if this is her first effort with this kind of music, but it shouldn’t be her last.

Duke Nukem fans should get really excited right about now. “Scum” is an ode of the 90’s video game hero, complete with sound bites like ‘time to fumage’, ‘so much for the rat pack’ and ‘halfman, half animal, all dead’.  Not to mention Datsik’s music and Duke Nukem seem like a peanut butter and jelly type of combo. This song made me want to pull out the old N64 and kill some monsters. Speaking of killing, “Buckshot” is a more up-tempo dance tune that is tied together with a rapid fire drop that is sure to get the crowd loose in whatever city it is played.

“Oxygen” will have you gasping for more as this hardcore DnB track beats up your speakers. The song features up-and-coming rapper Zyme. Although he is limited to just a few words in the buildup as Datsik takes up the rest of the song for his crunching bass lines. For the next song Datsik brings along his fellow Firepower Records artist Getter. "Glock Burst" starts off bouncy and upbeat before descending into the pit of grimey rowdiness and then repeats the cycle. Getter is one of our favorite Firepower artists so we are happy to see him tearing it up with the president.

The following song is also a collaboration, this time with Bais Haus. The Las Angeles producer adds his expertise to “Closer to the Sun” and helps create a synth heavy dance track that is probably the most unique one on the album. Bais Haus adds a house flair to the mix that complements Datsik’s sound perfectly.

For the final two tracks, Datsik takes the wheel once again with the two hardest hitting songs on the album.  "Athena" features an eerie choir of children chanting something throughout. It isn't clear what they are saying, but it makes the whole song work. The innocent sounds of singing children laced with the almost violent drops of bass turn the song into a Halloween-style club banger. Finally, we have “All or Nothing.” Everything about this song is awesome. The female vocals are powerful and melodic. The bass is loud and pulsing. And the production is as good as it’s ever been from Datsik.   

Overall, this is a project of wich Datsik should rightfully be proud. He has once again reminded us why he is a master of his craft. Although he doesn’t stray very far into uncharted territory for this particular project, he has refined the style that made him famous and continues to create loud, in-your-face bass music that is still fresh and fun. This project is offered for free. However, if you enjoy it enough, Datsik also has made it available for purchase.

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