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Favorite ThisDatsik, Heroes X Villains & Protohype / Royal Oak Music Theatre (Royal Oak, MI) / Nov 15, 2013

Published: November 25, 2013
Photos by: Cody Kulaszewski
Story by: Bradley Lucas

The city of Royal Oak was ecstatic on November 15, as a large line of young EDM lovers wrapped around the Royal Oak Music Theatre. Waiting in line, I saw a variety of neon greens, yellows, and blues. The anticipation was palpable. My own expectations were low, being my first taste of dubstep in the flesh--or any EDM, for that matter. As I crossed through the double doors, I could already feel the bass hitting my chest, reverberating throughout the rest of my body. It was at this point that my heart started beating a little faster, and my anticipation rose in rhythm.

A small crowd surrounded the stage, but before I could blink, it was massive enough to cover both levels of the theatre. Protohype was up first. He crushed with a trap-style set that was heavy on the bass. After Protohype came Heroes X Villains, and the crowd was enamored! It seemed that the entire building was jumping and dancing in unison; I couldn’t help but join in. But they were waiting for something more: Datsik.

The entire theater was silent until a giant speaker appeared onstage. Then Troy Beetles released his “Firepower” upon the crowd, and they lost all self-control. The building was electrifying; nothing was left untouched by Datsik’s influence. He annihilated the crowd with his brutal bass drops. He definitely got his “Swagga” back that night. The rowdy course of trap, dubstep, and drum 'n' bass ran the roaring crowd ragged. And they loved every second of it.

Tags: DubstepHip Hop