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Favorite ThisDatsik: Cold Blooded EP Part 1 Review

Published: February 1, 2013
By: Charlotte Roxanne HortonDatsik's (Canadian dubstep artist and producer Troy Beetles) chaotic dubstep is definitely an acquired taste. While some people may thrust their bodies with Datsik’s newest EP, admiring the music, “it sounds like a videogame where I’m fighting dinosaurs with lasers,” others will find themselves on the other end of the spectrum, “this is the reason why I didn’t like dubstep in the first place.”

Nevertheless, on Cold Blooded Pt 1, released via Datsik’s label, Firepower Records last week, EDM fans of all types and preferences will find moments to which they can relate. The EP’s title track kicks the album off with dirty, chaotic bass change ups. It’s the sort of prologue you'd expect from the dubstep diety.

“Automatik” featuring Messsinian takes it down a notch and pulls from an underground hip hop sound. The track distinguishes the similarities between dirty dubstep, and rapping. “Machete” pulls on the same tone from the first two tracks; but by the time you reach “Juicebox,” you’re able to see Datsik’s creative influences come into play. The track is funkier and more melodic than his typical sound.

Datsik and Excision’s collaboration “Vindicate” takes on a more fun tone as well, with up-beat synths and change ups. “Release Me” is an interesting track with Datsik’s typical gritty bass, mixed with euphoric, female vocals. The last track “Too Late to Say No” ends on the same note the EP started with – Datsik’s signature sound that you either love or hate.

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