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Favorite ThisDamian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock (GRiZ Remix)

Published: June 5, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

If you’re a follower of the incredibly talented artist GRiZ, then you’ve spent a fair amount of time patiently awaiting the release of his newest album, Mad Liberation, these last few months. While it has not dropped yet, we are lucky enough to have a fresh new remix from the Detroit producer that is sure to blow you away.
Grant Kwiecinski is an absolute mad man when it comes to producing bass-infused gems. He possesses the uncanny ability to meticulously combine chilling acapellas with groovy instrumentations to create tenacious tracks that are perfect for getting any rowdy crowd on their feet, while simultaneously touching their souls. This can be heard on thunderous original tracks like “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” and “ill Type Moves,” along with brilliant remixes of Kanye West and Aerosmith that are perfect to bump while rollin’ around town.
His most recent track takes on the seminal reggae tune “Welcome To Jamrock” by the legendary Damian Marley, and flips it into a bass heavy anthem that does not disappoint.
The cut opens up with electrified versions of Marley’s definitive chords that retain the feel of the original, while giving it a whole new bounce. Kwiecinski adds his classic hip-hop mentality to the already remarkable song, and jams it full of funky bass lines and high flying vocals from artists like Lil’ Wayne and Waka Flocka Flame to make it even more party worthy. The song’s drop is a lot heavier than many of GRiZ’s previous works, but is an exciting change that will entrance any listener’s ears when its tantalizing synth lines strike with the force of a massive hurricane.
GRiZ’s new track is an unforgettable switch up that is sure to excite any of his fans with its contagious drops and thrilling vocals. Be sure to keep an eye out for Mad Liberation, and his upcoming collaboration with Gramatik that is sure to make a huge splash. 

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