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Favorite ThisDaft Punk: Random Access Memories

Published: May 17, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Daft PunkWhat is there to say about Daft Punk that hasn’t already become common knowledge? The legendary French duo has undoubtedly been one of the most craved artists in dance music for well over a decade, titillating listeners with their inhuman abilities to create hair-raising, unforgettable anthems.
Over these past few years, the Daft Punk rumors never stopped. In fact, they seemed to become more prevalent by the day. Constant talk of festival appearances that never happened, signs of mystery collaborations, and fake tracks swarmed the internet like a bad case of the cold, teasing die hard fans as they questioned every dose of information that entered their ears.
On this otherwise dreary Tuesday past, the wait finally ended. Random Access Memories wasn’t just released, it was gifted to the world of electronic music with a simple note: STEP UP. Step up your ambition, step up your drive, and most importantly, step up your creativity.
From the first few notes of “Give Life Back to Music,” which injects a breath of fresh air directly into the vein of dance culture, to harmonious vocoder sections spreading through “The Game of Love.” What about the inspiring tale of coalescing elements from past musical trends to develop a futuristic sound on “Giorgio by Moroder,” or the bewitching ambiance possessed within each second of “Instant Crush.”
Than there’s the spellbinding vocals of Pharrell on “Lose Yourself to Dance” and “Get Lucky,” not forgetting the work of another Williams on “Touch,” helping to birth an ethereal symphony with a life-changing ending. Could we forgot the blissful nature prevalent amongst “Fragments of Time” and “Doin’ It Right,” or the euphoric milieu embedded into the core of “Contact?” We most certainly could not. 
Random Access Memories isn’t just an album; it’s a clear message to dance music that something must be done. Create something original, inspire greatness in those around you, and most importantly, STEP UP. Step up, or risk falling by the wayside. Thank you Daft Punk, we’d been waiting for you.

Tags: ElectroHouse