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Favorite ThisDaft Punk: Get Luck (Beats Antique cover ft Charles Butler)

Published: June 7, 2013
By: Mike Kelly

Being the huge bluegrass fan that I am, I was stoked when I first heard this track. David Satori of Beats Antique heard an old friend, Charles Butler, picking the S%$T out of his banjo covering Daft Punk's brand new track "Get Lucky," in a video he had posted online. The video inspired David and the rest of the Beats crew to collaborate with Butler on this cover. Although the song features none of Pharrell's lyrics, they're not missed. The gentle picking is so pleasing--just let it do the singing for you, as you feel the kick drum of Side Car Tommy carry the beat. If you love to chill out and lose yourself in some downtempo, then this is your new jam. 

Tags: ElectroHouseBreaksDowntempoDubstepLivetronica