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Favorite ThisDads on Display feat. The Hair Kid - Baja Blast

Published: January 2, 2013
By: Anand HarshArmed with a curly mop of blonde locks and a synthesizer, The Hair Kid keeps popping up on our radar. Of course, someone this inventive would have to be based in Edison, New Jersey. Envision the love child of Ween and Fred Falke raised on mixtapes of MC Paul Barman. That gets you halfway there. Add a healthy dose of Daft Punk, and you're almost home. Joining his electrohop forces with Silver Spring's disco-hop act Dads on Display, comprised of Tony Mendez and Jonah Gray, results in a Ghetto Funk anthem so fantabulous it's gotta catch on like wildfire. "Baja Blast" seeps into your marrow with those catchy hooks and sharp lyricism. The perfect blend of upbeat melodies and modern production technique, this gem is utterly danceable. The back half sounds like a funkified Zedd track, slowing down the BPMs of electro to a casual hip-hop booty shake. Lots of love to the East Coasters for this one.